About Us

The mission of Juices to Glow is to help our customers achieve optimal health by providing the highest quality cold pressed juice made from locally sourced, organically grown ingredients, purchased directly from the local farmers. Our commitment is to produce healthy bodies, healthy communities, and a healthy world.  We offer juices for cleansing, detox, maintaining health, and the simple enjoyment of taking in deeply nourishing liquid light.  In addition, we have a wide variety of juice plans carefully crafted for your needs.


Indre Coleman

Juices to Glow was founded in 2013, as Marbella's first cold pressed juice delivery service, and is deeply rooted in the life of Indre Coleman.  Growing up in Lithuania, Indre's diet was natural, pure, and healthy, consisting primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Upon moving to London, her diet changed for the worse, leading to a variety of health problems including the onset of an autoimmune disease.  Intent on taking back her health, Indre vigorously began learning as much as possible about achieving and maintaining optimal health, seeking out the wisdom of acupuncturists, naturopaths, and health professionals of many different stripes, ultimately spending time at the world renowned Hippocrates Institute in Florida. It was during this quest that Indre met Gareth Edwards, a U.K. based nutritional expert who has remained a close collaborator, working to ensure the optimal mind-body health of our customers. Indre then pursued studies on Holistic Integrated Nutrition and qualified as a Health Coach. After a journey that was equal parts juicing, perseverance, and fun, Indre reclaimed her health, getting her glow back!


Achieving abundant health is not just a quick fix, but is a lifetime commitment, a seed to be nourished and watered everyday.  So many of us suffer from a pronounced lack of essential minerals, which keeps us feeling perpetually hungry.  Drinking fresh, cold pressed juices, especially green juices, is a fast and pleasurable way of revitalizing our bodies by taking in large amounts of mineral content.  Juices to Glow was founded to share with everyone the deeply nourishing qualities of drinking natural healthy juice.  Juicing is not a difficult chore.  It is fun, easy, and delicious. It's our overwhelming joy to share with you the life giving, glow enhancing, goodness!