Get your juice delivered straight to your place of work

The workplace today is wide spread with unhealthy eating habits, from caffeine-holics to daily fast food eaters. Eating a meal full of carbohydrates often leaves you feeling sluggish and low in energy. Food is fuel! Without the right fuel, the body simply can’t run at it’s best. Fresh cold pressed juice is packed with all the important elements -vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are vital for leading a healthy life.  Juices To Glow offer an easy hassle free solution for providing healthy nutrition to you and your employees at the work place. Our cold pressed juices and smoothies are healthy, delicious and convenient. The nutritional benefits of cold pressed juice help to keep you sharp and on your game throughout the day. Healthy people lead to ultimately better results!


Key benefits are:

  • Increased focus and productivity
  • Fewer sick days
  • Healthier and motivated employees
  • Happier, healthier business

No matter how small or large your office, we customize our service to meet your needs. To find out more about our work place packages just send us an email or give us a call.  


Small team -  6 juices/smoothies
Ideal for a small working team or for those who want to include healthy juice to their regular diet.

Medium team  -  12 juices/smoothies
Great for the bigger work team or wanting to replace your regular lunch to more healthy and nutrient dense juices or superfood smoothies.

Large work place  - 30 juices/smoothies
Having large team at your work place and wanting to keep them sharp? Ideal way to keep them all healthy and happy with our bespoke juice/smoothie package to suit all taste and needs.